Sunday, April 18, 2010

What is Tana Bana

BHAGALPUR, One of the biggest silk producing regions of India, has been waiting for new initiatives. TanaBana Marketing Pvt Ltd has been founded on premise that quality weaving work with market linkages will revive the glory of Bhagalpur Tasar Silk industry. TanaBana Marketing Pvt Ltd is uniquely positioned with the ability to provide microfinance through sister concern (Bihar Development Trust) to weavers and small producers/traders as well as providing market linkages to solve the problem of marketing. It is aiming to build a supply chain from procurement of yarn to the marketing with the assurance of buy back to weavers subject to quality checks. The objective is to improve the living conditions of weavers at Bhagalpur.

It is a for profit initiative by the founders of Bihar Development Trust ( and Community Friendly Movement ( The increase in income is an end product achieved by doing investment of time and money by the founders in improvement of Looms, Work Place practices, Welfare work for weavers, Design Development, and Marketing. The weavers will be provided shareholding in the company in a timebound and rule based manner. It has a dedicated team of 6 personal which is looking after the institution building, welfare, design and marketing effort.

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